Come together at The Kingfish

Christmas Party Packages, Staff Get Together & Group Bookings

Fresh, quality seafood meals (made from scratch with love!)

A friendly, casual and relaxed vibe

Spacious alfresco dining with Newcastle harbour waterfront views

Selection of local and international beers, hand-picked wines, spirits and sea-sonal cocktails.

Non-seafood, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, celiac-friendly options are available. Ask us for more info.

We are open for lunch, dinner and anything in between.


Set Menu ($45pp).

Upgrade available upon request. We are always happy to work with you to design your own unique menu. Minimum of 8 people required.

Click here to see Group Set Menu

Alternatively, you can order from our menu with a selection of shares and seafood platters (each platter serves 2) for all your guests.

Options for drinks:

• A bar tab with a deposit of a credit card or

• Your guests can pay as they go from the counter/bar.

Enquire today for more information and to secure your reservation.


Catering & takeaway platters

Mix it up and make it more memorable with our spread of delicious, well-rounded corporate catering offerings. We can supply you with beverages, cutlery and plates, making it an easy and enjoyable celebration for the team! Click here to order online from our takeaway menu or contact us if you would like a custom package and platters.

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    Order from our takeaway menu or contact us directly for a custom package.

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